How to Avoid Getting Move Over Law Ticket in NY

Traffic, Locomotion, Roadway, Mobility, Vehicles, DriveThe Move Over Law NY requires that you move over if you see a hazard or emergency vehicle. Many drivers are not aware that this law even exists. These people are at an increased risk for getting a ticket. If you have recently got a ticket, then it is important for you to contact a New York traffic ticket attorney.


Why Is There a Move Over Law NY?

The move over law has been around since 2010. It is dangerous for emergency workers to administer medical care and other services on the side of the road. That is why this law was put into place.

The move over law is also known as the Ambrose-Searles Move Over Act. It was named after Trooper Robert W. Ambrose and Sheriff Deputy Glenn M. Searles. They were both killed by passing vehicles when they were working.

This law used to only apply to police vehicles, fire trucks and ambulance. However, the law was amended in 2012 to include tow and maintenance trucks. The purpose of this law is to prevent emergency workers from dying or getting injured.

You have to follow this law. The only exception to this is safety. If you cannot safely move over, then you are not required to do so.


How You Can Avoid Getting a Ticket

The best thing that you can do to avoid getting a ticket is to slow down when you see an emergency vehicle. You should also move over to the other lane and try to stay as far away from the emergency vehicle as you can. However, if you still get a ticket, then it is a good idea for you to contact a New York traffic ticket attorney.


Defenses That Can Be Used

You can be charged a fine and get points on your license if you violate the move over law. However, there are several defenses that can be used. For example, the lawyer can argue that the driver did not have enough time to move over. The attorney can also argue that if the driver would have moved over, then they would have violated another law.

Why Do You Need Traffic Ticket Lawyers in New York

When you receive a traffic ticket, your first response may be just to pay it. The truth is that you can fight the ticket if you believe that you’ve been wrongfully given it. Here are some of the top reasons why it makes total sense to hire a traffic ticket lawyer to defend your case.


They Know The Law

When it comes to understanding NY Traffic Tickets and how to fight them legally, traffic ticket lawyers are key. They know the legal technicalities that can dismiss specific types of traffic tickets. They know the best way to handle each type of traffic ticket to give you the best chances of having your case dismissed. If you’re like most average citizens, you don’t have this in-depth knowledge of the New York legal system.


They Can Help Reduce Your Charges

One of the major benefits of hiring a traffic attorney is that you can learn of the various ways you can reduce your charges. For instance, most citizens don’t know that they can opt for traffic school instead of having a conviction put on their record. A knowledgeable attorney can assist you in speaking with the judge and convincing them to give you traffic school over a conviction.


They Can Negotiate Points

Every driver has a driving record that can include points for negative driving instances. A traffic attorney can help to negotiate with the judge to lessen or even omit the traffic points from hitting your driving record. Various NY traffic tickets offer different points ranging from one to three. If you get more than four points in a period of twelve months, you may face suspension of your license or even probation. Therefore, it’s necessary to do everything possible to avoid having points added to your driving record.

As you can see, hiring an attorney to help fight your case is a necessity. They provide you with many benefits that are hard to gain when you’re fighting your case alone. Next time you get a traffic ticket, make the great decision to hire a traffic lawyer to fight for your case.

What To Ask A Criminal Defense Law Firm Before You Hire One

In case you want to hire the services of a San Diego Criminal Defense Law Firm, you need to consider several things at first. While consulting with the firm, make sure to inquire questions regarding the experience of the attorney in question, how they will be able to evaluate and deal with your case, and also what will be their service charge. Here, we have thrown light on what to ask a criminal defense law firm before you hire one.

It is essential for you to attend the interview prepared beforehand. Moreover, you might be asked by some criminal defense attorneys to fill out a form before the meeting. You might also be required to show any document which has been requested by the lawyer. It is essential to bring several items which will aid the lawyer to evaluate your case including:

Any document which you have received from the court that showcases your charges and also the subsequent date of the court appearance.


The bail papers.

If your property had been searched, any paperwork was given to you by the cops.

A police report copy if feasible.


Apart from these documents, you might also consider providing a list of victims, witnesses, and any other defendant. Moreover, it will be a prudent decision to bring along with you a list of questionnaires which you can ask the law firm as well. We’ve provided several suggestions in this article, and you need to pick those which will come of use.


The experience and background of the criminal law firm


While visiting the firm for the first time, it is vital to figure out whether it has got sufficient experience in defending any similar charge as that of yours. In case you have been charged for driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages, you will not require anyone who is an expert in the field of felony murder suspects. You can ask some questions to the firm like the following:


How long have they been practicing in this field of criminal law?

What is the frequency of their appearance in the court where my case is going to be handled?

Do they negotiate the agreements frequently with the office of the prosecutor? How can your relationship with the prosecutors be described?

How frequently their clients go to trial?

How much familiar they are with the charges which are against me? What is the percentage of their practice when it comes to representing clients with identical charges?

Do they belong to any professional organization or Bar Association? If it is so, which are the ones?


Evaluation of your case


You might be charged with a crime in your state, county, or federal court. In that case, you’d like to take the help of a criminal defense law firm to provide you with a solid idea of what can be expected. In such a situation, you can ask these following questions:


What exactly are my legal alternatives? Would they suggest me any plea agreement, a guilty plea, or simply a trial?


What prospective issues do they predict in my case?

What features of my case will work in my favor?

What can be expected at the various phases of the process including the filing of motions, arraignment, motions hearing, trial, and disposition?


Case management


By the term “case management”, we refer to how it is possible to handle a cases logistics. It is vital to comprehend what is going on in the background with your case so that there’ll be no misunderstanding whatsoever. Here you can ask the following queries:


Will they be available for representing me?

Will, anybody else work along with the lawyer appointed by the firm? If it is so, can I meet him?

In case I have any queries, can I call them? If not, then whom can I call?

Will they represent me in the court personally or hand over the responsibility to somebody else? If it is so, then who?

How can I contact them as well as their colleagues? How promptly will they answer me?


Legal fees


The majority of the criminal defense law firms out there will be charging by the hour. But, some can also ask for a flat fee as well. In this case, it will be sensible to ask the firm the following questions:


Will they charge an hourly rate or flat fee?

In case you are being charged by the hour, what would be their rate? Will it be essential to pay any retainer fee? If it is so, then how would it work?

What are the other expenses I need to pay apart from the fee? Is it possible for them to give me an estimate?

After asking all these queries to the criminal defense law firm, it should not be difficult for you to hire an experienced and trustworthy attorney to win the case in your favor.